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    We do not only move freight

    We move Denmark forward every single day
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    Safe transport of complicated cargo

    - with as few reloadings as possible
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    Customised logistics solutions

    - meeting your company’s specific requirements
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    Storage hotel, general cargo, and courier service

    We cover all of Denmark
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    Efficient communication without misunderstandings

    All our carriers speak Danish
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    Export – Import

    Transport services across borders
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    Dangerous goods – let us handle it!!

    All our carriers are trained to handle dangerous goods

We move Denmark

Every single day. 

And we have done so for decades. Cargo, materials, and goods of all types are transported fast and efficiently from east to west – and back again. For more than half a century, we have build valuable experience in the field of transport and logistics and have gained a unique understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges. Our experience is your guarantee of competitive solutions, high quality, efficiency, and first-class service. 

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One contact - a lot of destinations
Storage hotel

Storage hotel

Customised to meet your needs for capacity and management


with precise and safe delivery


Call for immediate transport


Cost-effective door-to-door import services


Door-to-door delivery service all over Europe